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I Really Can't Get Enough of Creating

Hello, I'm Kelsey! And for as long as I can remember I've always had this need to transform the world around me, this drive to make things my own! Even as a little tot and now as an adult, I'm always looking to add just a little bit more fun, design, or even just more cuteness to everything.


As a kid, I loved playing with Barbies. Well, kind of. I mean I loved setting up Barbie's house with furniture and decor. I loved it so much that I would take hours to just set up Barbie's house before "playing". I even made my own furniture out of anything I could get my hands on. Cereal boxes, books, paper, and even out of my own clothes sometimes. I just had a need to make things my own. 

Now, as an adult, I'm always crafting, designing, and creating something. I never get sick of it! When I was planning my own wedding I decided to make all the flower arrangements myself. When I finished putting them all together I remember being a little sad that I had finished. Yet another example of my design addiction!

Sometimes my head is just too full of ideas! I needed a place to put all these great thoughts. So, without further adieu, I'm excited to share these craft ideas, design ideas, DIY ideas, and business tips with you! 


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