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10 Ways To Use Canva For Your Etsy Shop

On Etsy, there are thousands of other sellers selling their handmade goods on the platform, and there are more new Etsy shops opening up daily. Because of this, it can feel hard or sometimes even impossible to stand out compared to all the other shops. But I have found, if you have strong and consistent branding for your Etsy shop, it can help you push through the huge sea of sellers and stand out and catch the eyes of your customers.

What Is Branding? And How Do I Brand My Etsy Shop?

Often, people think of branding as simply the logo and color scheme a business uses. But in reality, there's a lot more that can make up your business's overall brand. Branding is anything a customer can connect with, either visually or verbally.

Your brand can encompass:

  1. Your mission statement

  2. Your shop's story

  3. Your shop's style, mood, or vibe

  4. How you talk and interact with customers on and offline

  5. Your shop's banner image

  6. Your shop's logo

  7. Your Etsy account profile picture

  8. Your business's color scheme

  9. Your shop's name

  10. Your shop's product images

  11. Your listing descriptions

  12. Your shop's announcement message

  13. Your shop's buyers' message

  14. Anything you use for packaging or include in packages for customers

I know this list can seem overwhelming, but a lot of these items you can easily create in Canva for your Etsy shop in no time.

What Is Canva?

Canva is an online graphic design platform with which you can easily design invitations, business cards, flyers, social media posts, infographics, Etsy shop assets, and so much more. You can make professional-looking designs without any design experience, for free with Canva.

A view of how Canva looks and works online. Canva you can design business cards, flyers, invitations, social media post ands so much more.

Here Are 10 Ways To Use Canva To Help Brand Your Etsy Shop

1. Logo:

A logo is the face of your company. It's usually one of the most recognizable parts of a brand. Like when you think of McDonald's, the golden-arched "M" probably comes to mind. A logo is your first impression to your customers and is a way for your company to be recognized across different platforms. Like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, and your own website. And because of all this, you definitely want to have a good logo for your Etsy shop.

Canva templates for logos. Create an Etsy logo with ease using Canva online graphic design tool.

Canva makes it very easy to design and create a logo. Canva has hundreds of templates in different styles which you can quickly edit in just minutes. And before you know it you'll have a logo ready to download!

2. Etsy Cover Banner

An Etsy cover banner is the biggest image on your shop. It sits at the top of your shop page, kinda like a billboard on the side of the highway. And just like billboards, your Etsy shop banner can be a great place to showcase and mention what your shop is about.

Ideas Of Elements To Include On A Etsy Banner:

- Shop name

- Your mission statement

- What products your shop sells

- Photos of your shop's popular items

Samples of Etsy shop banner. Create Etsy shop banners with Canva online graphic design tool.

Much like creating a logo, Canva has already-made Etsy cover banner templates you can pick from and edit in just a few minutes.

3. Etsy Receipt Banner

Receipt banners are lesser-known images that you can include on your Etsy shop. So if you don't know what a receipt banner is, don't worry. A receipt banner is a short and wide image that shows up on the receipts that Etsy will automatically send to your customers. It isn't a super critical image to have on your Etsy shop, but it can be a great opportunity to showcase your brand.

Ideas For What To Include A Receipt Banner:

- Etsy Shop Logo

- Your mission statement

- "Thank you" message

- Photos of your shop's popular items

Etsy order invoice view. A view of Etsy receipt banner examples.

4. Receipt Invoice

Some Etsy shop owners like to include a receipt invoice of their own with their products when shipping items. Etsy provides invoices you can print and ship with your items, but they are very generic and boring. You can add a little personality by creating your own invoice for your orders. Also, you can add details about your shop that are not included on the Etsy invoices, like your return policy and contact info.

Sample of an invoice for an Etsy order. Etsy shop order receipt invoice template.

Just like they have designs for almost anything for your business, Canva has plenty of fun and unique receipt invoice templates to pick from.

5. Thank You Notes / Stickers

Another way to add a little bit of that human touch is by using thank-you notes and cards. Including a nice personalized note in your packages can make a memorable impression on your customers. Because in reality, how you package and ship your items is just as important as the items themself. So adding custom thank you cards and even branded stickers for your packaging can give your shop a professional edge.

Luckily, like everything on this list Canva makes it so easy to create thank-you cards and stickers. Plus Canva also has a printing service too! So you can design and order prints of your cards and stickers all in just one application.

Ideas For What To Include On Thank You Cards:

- An area for a handwritten note

- Thank you message

- A coupon code

- Your social media handles

- Your contact info

- Your website address

- Encouraging message for your customer to leave a review

6. Listing Photos

Etsy allows you to upload up to 10 photos per listing. And I would recommend you use all 10 slots you are given. Photos are a great way to show and share details of your products. Because, to be honest, most people viewing your listing will only look at your photos and never even read your listing description. So it is best if you can answer common questions customers may have in your photos. For example, the size of items, color options, customizable options, and what is included in the purchase.

Examples of Etsy shop listing photos. Create Etsy listing photos with Canva online graphic design tool.

Canva can help you really utilize your product photos by being able to add text and elements to really highlight the features of your products and answer as many questions as you can through just your photos.

Different Types Of Listing Photo Ideas:

- Cover Photo (nicest photo of item)

- Photo with general product details (dimensions, colors, materials, etc)

- Photo with details of what is included with the purchase

- Photo that showcases how, when, or where to use the product

- Photo with shipping details/return policy

- Photo with special offer details

- Photo showcasing other similar items in your shop

7. Social Media Posts

Social media posts are probably what most people know Canva for. And it's for good reason because with Canva you can make some beautiful and eye-catching images. It's easy to design Instagram posts, Facebook posts, Instagram reels, and Tiktok videos that are consistent with your branding for your business. You can simply use the same colors, fonts, elements, and graphics you use for your Etsy shop assets to create your posts and videos.

A Few Social Media Post Ideas To Get Started:

- Behind the scenes of how you make your products

- Show off your workspace

- Lifestyle photos of your products in use

- Share customer reviews

- Share an uplifting or funny quote

- Answer common customer questions

8. Product Guide

Depending on what kind of products you're selling on Etsy you may want to put together a product guide or instruction manual for your customers. Like if you are selling clothing you should include washing and drying instructions. If you are selling beauty products you should include a guide for how to apply and use products safely. If you are selling items that have assembly requirements you should include building directions. Whatever a customer needs to know to effectively use your products.

Points To Cover In A Product Guide:

- Cleaning instructions

- Simple user guide

- Washing and drying instructions

- Safety and warning guidelines

- Printing and download guide (digital items)

- Assembly instructions

- Requirements and items needed that are not included in the purchase (like batteries)

9. Facebook Business Page Cover

A lot of small businesses and Etsy shop owners also have a Facebook business page in addition to having Instagram and TikTok accounts. And much like an Etsy shop cover banner, a Facebook cover can be a great space to display and share want your business is all about.

And as you can probably guess by now Canva has tons of Facebook cover templates in many styles to pick from and edit in no time.

Ideas Of Elements To Include On A Facebook Cover:

- Shop name/business name

- Your mission statement

- Products you sell

- Photos of your most popular items

10. Pinterest Pins

Pinterest is more like a search engine like Google than it is a social media platform. Pinterest is a great place to find DIY projects, craft ideas, design inspiration, fashion advice, home decor items, handmade goods, and really anything you're looking or shopping for. Also, because Pinterest is an image-based search engine, it can be a powerful tool to drive traffic to your Etsy shop and listing.

Pinterest pin templates and examples. Create Etsy Pinterest pins with Canva online graphic design tool.

Again, like everything on this list, Canva can help draw attention to your Etsy shop with engaging and professional-looking images and supplies.

In Conclusion

Not only does Canva make it easy to create images for various areas of your shop with already-made templates and designs, but it also has a branding tool that saves your colors, fonts, and logo for you. That makes it so much easier to create business assets that are consistent with your style and brand!

Example of how to use Canva's brand tool. Create a brand using Canva online graphic design tool.

As you can tell by now, Canva can be a great tool for branding your business which can help your Etsy shop stand out and push through the wide sea of the internet.

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