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20 Digital Products You Can Sell On Etsy And Start Making Passive Income

For a lot of my adult life, I have had to work minimum wage or retail jobs to just get by and make ends meet. But once I learned there were so many ways to make money for minimal start-up costs and sometimes even no cost at all. My world changed! I was able to quit my tedious and frustrating retail job and now I just sell digital items on my Etsy shop!

Is It Really That Easy?

Now you might be wondering if this sounds too good to be true. Or maybe you're thinking you need to be super skilled in graphic design programs like Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Procreate, etc to make this work for you. But I'm here to reassure you don't have to have a background in digital design at all. The majority of the products on my Etsy shop are made with a simple design website called Canva! And trust me anyone can make great-looking designs with this program.

So even if you're completely new to designing or a seasoned graphic designer you can easily make money selling digital products on Etsy.

What Makes This Passive Income?

The reason this can turn into passive income for you is the fact you only need to make an item once, and because it's digital you can sell it over and over again with no additional work on your part. So once an item is made and up on your Etsy shop, the work is done!

And the more items the more and more this effect will snowball and can create passive income. So all it really requires is just a little bit of upfront work and then the rest will pretty much take care of itself!

20 digital products you can sell and make passive income.

So if you're like me and want to leave your boring 9-5 job or you simply want a way to make extra cash then check out my list of digital products you can sell on Etsy!

Thank You Cards

Thank you cards are a popular item to sell on Etsy. So many small business owners and other Etsy sellers like to include a handwritten thank you note to their customers with their orders. It makes for a great and easy business asset to have on hand. Business owners can simply download a thank you card design and print them at home or get a bundle printed at their favorite print shop.

Business Cards

Business cards are a classic business asset to have. You can create professional and customizable business card templates for entrepreneurs and small business owners.

Printable Planners

We all need a way to organize our lives some of us just need a little help. If you are an individual who loves organizing, then you should consider making printable planners to help others with printable daily, weekly, or monthly planners that they can easily print at home.

Digital Planners

If you are a tech-savvy individual, then making interactive digital planners that can be used on tablets or devices with note-taking capabilities may be more up your alley than printable planners. My favorite app to use for my digital planners is Goodnotes.


Even if you don't know how to use programs like Adobe Illustrator or Procreate you can still make great-looking logos. You can make logos in Canva in just minutes. This is great because entrepreneurs and small business owners are always in need of eye-catching logos. In Canva you can provide customizable logo templates for a quick branding solution for your customers.

Etsy Shop Assets

Help fellow Etsy sellers by offering shop banners, icons, and graphics that enhance their shop's visual appeal.

Social Media Templates

One of my favorite things to use Canva for is creating social media templates. So many business owners don't want to spend their time trying to create posts for their Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok they just want someone to handle that for them. And Canva makes it so easy to make beautiful social media templates you can easily sell online.

Cosmetic Labels & Product Labels

If you have an eye for design and appreciate when products are packaged well. Then you should offer customizable labels for cosmetics, skincare, or other products.

Wedding Printables

When it comes to wedding planning there are a lot of details to take care of. You can make it easier for brides and grooms by offering templates for things like wedding invitations, save-the-date cards, table number place cards, thank you cards, favor tags, wedding decor signs, photo booth props, guest book pages, and so much more.

Printable Cards & Invitations

Similarly to the wedding printables you can create greeting cards, birthday cards, holiday or event invitations that your customers can print at home.

Wall Art

If you are an artist or just have a knack for design you can create downloadable art prints that customers can frame and display to spruce up their living spaces.

Coloring Pages

Jump on the trend of adult coloring books. Especially if you have a talent for creating patterns and repeating shapes.

Clip Art

Businesses use clip art for so many reasons. They use it for presentations, educational materials, art and craft projects, social media, website design, marketing materials, children's materials, and so much more. So if you feel like you got the art skills you start making money by selling clip art sets.

Resume Templates

This is another digital product you can easily make in Canva. You help job seekers stand out from the crowd with professionally designed resume templates.

Ebooks & Guides

Do you have any skills you've wanted to share with others? Share your expertise in the form of downloadable ebooks or guides on topics you're passionate about.

Crochet & Knitting Patterns

Are you a crocheter or knitter? Have you ever come up with your own patterns for craft projects before? If yes, then you should share your yarn knowledge by creating patterns you can simply sell online.

Sewing & Embroidery Patterns

Much like the previous idea, do you love sewing or embroidery? Have you ever come up with your own patterns for sewing projects before? If yes, then you should share your fabric and thread knowledge by creating patterns you can simply sell online.

Recipe Cards

Cooking enthusiasts will love downloadable recipe cards with visually appealing designs.

Meal Planning Cards

Just like printable planners, If you are an individual who loves organizing, then you should consider making printable meal planners to help individuals plan their meals more efficiently with downloadable meal planning templates.

Digital Papers

Do you have an eye for patterns and shapes then you should design unique digital papers that can be used for scrapbooking, crafts, and DIY projects.

The beauty of selling digital products on Etsy is that it can become passive income. Once you've created your digital items, they can be sold repeatedly without the need for constant upkeep. Whether you're a seasoned graphic designer or just dipping your toes into the creative world, you can use tools Abobe Illustrator or even Canva to bring your ideas to life.

So, if you're ready to turn your creativity into a lucrative venture, consider selling these 20 digital products on Etsy. With dedication and a touch of innovation, you can start making passive income and turn your entrepreneurial dreams into reality.


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